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Welcome to the home of The U-Files. We're an Ultimate team playing in the Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association, the largest Ultimate league in the world. The U-Files have been around in one incarnation or another since 1995, mostly stinking up the bottom of the Monday 5/2 division. However, in 2002 with the demise of 5/2 in Ottawa, we're taking on the world of 4/3 for the first time...

Update: What a season!! The U-Files inaugural season of 4/3 started with us in tier 8 and ended up with us winning the tier 6 championship!!

Stuff you'll find around here:

View our enhanced state of mediocrity
Find out who's been racking up the points for us.
Alot of bodies have played for us over the years.
Ultimate on the web.
If you want to get in touch.

Ultimate: Play or Die

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